The Basketball Tight Ends

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**in grandpa voice** boy, lemmie tell you a story…..

TonyG.jpg* It all started in 1997.  Most die-hard football fans know the story; Tony Gonzalez, power forward for the University of California, decided to make himself eligible for the NFL Draft even though his first love was basketball.  Pat Riley, then head coach of the Miami Heat said in hindsight that Tony G actually had a good shot to become an NBA player.  Doesn’t matter, Gonzalez made the right decision as he had a 16 year career as a Kansas City Chief and an Atlanta Falcon and will surely be a hall of famer.


But we’re not here to discuss Tony G.  We’re going to explore the phenomena (more than likely started by the drafting of Tony Gonzalez) of what I call the Basketball Tight End.  A kinder, gentler Tight End **in George Bush voice**.  I kid…no, the bigger, faster, more athletic Tight End.   They are all coverage nightmares; men who can outrun/jump a Linebacker and can run over/jump over a Defensive Back.   Again, the trend started with Gonzalez, and has increased in frequency.  In fact, the new Tight End is so effective, many teams use the 2 Tight End set as their primary formation (i.e. Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals,).


Usually the type of Tight Ends that can perform in these sets are former basketball players like….Tony G.  Their footwork, agility, and athleticism have been developed over years of running fast breaks and other various basketball plays.  The added bonuses that come with converting a basketball player (particularly a Power Forward) into a Tight End is that they can post up; the act of using one’s body to gain leverage to the goal.  This is helpful during a mismatch in the end zone with a smaller defensive player.



Also, the fact that a basketball moves quickly and frequently on the court gauges hand-eye coordination.

Guys like Antonio Gates of the San Diego Chargers have proven that with the right coaching one can make the adjustment from catching the big round ball to catching the oblong ball.  Let’s look at the trend from a per year basis.  I’m an analytical man by nature and trade so let me use the good ol’ bar graph.  Here are the players per year:


Antonio Gonzalez (Chiefs, 1997)

Antonio Gates (Chargers, 2003)

Marcedes Lewis (Jags, 2005)

Martellus Bennett (Cowboys, 2008)

Jimmy Graham (Saints, 2010)

Julius Thomas (Broncos, 2011)

Jordan Cameron (Browns, 2013)

Demetrius Harris (Chiefs, 2013)

Darren Fells (Seahawks, 2013)

Austin Seferian-Jenkins (2014???)

chart_6 (1).png

Note the slow increase in frequency of drafting Basket Tight Ends from 1997 (Gonzalez) to 2003 (Gates) and 2005 (Marcedes Lewis, Jacksonville Jaguars).  Note also, according to my research, Gates was the first Basketball Tight End that didn’t play football.  Now look at the sharp increase from 2010 (Jimmy Graham, New Orleans Saints ) to 2011 (Julius Thomas, Denver Broncos).  Neither Thomas nor Graham played college football.  Actually, Graham played 13 games for the University of Miami, but that’s so few I didn’t count it.  Graham was drafted in the late rounds of the NFL Draft and Thomas was signed as a free agent.  What this means is that the NFL is recognizing the value in developing these players into the schemes they run.  Thomas sat for a season and has slowly worked his way into the starting lineup as well as one of the best Tight Ends in the game.


So who will be the next Basketball Tight End?  Draft experts say Austin Seferian-Jenkins, a Tight End who played both sports at the University of Washington.

He meets all of the criteria, however, my personal pick is a wildcard from the U, Erik Swoope.  Swoope is a 6’4, 220 lbs.  He can jump out of the gym and as you can see from the pic, he has some SERIOUS GUNS.  Did I dig this up from the football rumor mills?  Noooooooo….I’m starting the rumor baby!


I came to this assessment after watching Swoope play in 2 games this season.  He literally bullied and ran around his opponents yet at the same time you can see that his game is not one of domination.  His skills just might be better suited for today’s gridiron.

Yes, this is my 2nd post about the draft.  I can’t help it, I’m fascinated by it; it’s probably the most intriguing draft in all professional sports.  We shall see all of the big school players shake Roger Goodell’s hand and give him the man hug, but what I’m looking forward to is to see who the next standout Basket Tight End will be and how many there will be.  My wildcard pick Erik Swoope may have a surname that better fits his current sport, but I can definitely envision him and the other Basketball Tight Ends going up for jump balls; and I don’t mean on the parquet.

The Johnny Manziel Dilemma

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The NFL Combine is over.  The big story of the combine, the Michael Sam question, is no longer who will draft him but WILL he get drafted.  Usually, a DE/LB who runs a 4.79- 40 yard dash, has a vertical leap of about 40 cms, and a shuttle run of 40 days and 40 nights usually doesn’t get drafted.  But hey, we shall see; the NFL and its happenings are a universe all its own.


One thing that has emerged (as usual) from the combine is the scout talk; who has made what impression.  From those talking heads, it seems as though the unflappable Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football has become the new enigma.  Talks are swirling that he won’t be the 1st pick, nor the top 5, and maybe not even top 10.  Remind you of someone?




I have created my own mock draft with a ton of “Manziel what-ifs”.  I don’t think he’ll have a free fall like Rogers did, but if he doesn’t make it to 5 with the Raiders, its my guess anything could happen.  Note, in all of my years trying to guess the outcome of the draft, I’ve only been right about 2 QBs; Blaine Gabbert and Cristian Ponder.

whistle-manziel04-texansHouston Texans:

The way Sammy Watkins is garnering interest, I would be surprised to see the Texans draft anyone else but him.  Yes, Jadaveon Clowney is a freak, but with an aging Andre Johnson and a lackluster supporting WR cast, Watkins makes sense at this pick.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL 

St Louis Rams:

The Rams could use a WR like Watkins or a DE like Clowney.  Either way….Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

manzeljagJacksonville Jaguars:



What a train wreck this team is.  They usually don’t have a method to their madness.  Given that they traded away Eugene Monroe this past season, maybe they’ll draft Greg Robinson.  Who knows?  Verdict:  MANZIEL MAYBE

whistle-manziel02-brownsCleveland Browns

Cut and paste the first line I wrote about the Jags.  I actually wonder if they’re committed to losing.  Given that, who know what they will do as well.  I have the nagging suspicion that they will be drafting either UCF QB Blake Bortles, possibly Manziel, or who knows who.  The smart pick here would be Teddy Bridgewater, the consensus “ready-to-play” QB of the draft.  Either way, they cannot waste a season of having the most dangerous WR you never heard of (Jason Gordon) so a QB is likely.  But it’s Cleveland, so who knows.  Verdict:  MANZIEL MAYBE

manzielraidersOakland Raiders

Personally, I think the Raiders are the best team for Manziel.  His antics on and off of the field will probably be appreciated more there than most places outside of New York.  **in Steven A voice**  HOWEVA, The rumor mill has it that Michael Vick is a candidate to be the starter so we shall see.  Verdict:  MANZIEL HOPEFULLY 


Atlanta Falcons

They have a QB, albeit one of the most overrated in the league.  Johnny DOES look fly in the Farve jersey, though.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I’m not a Mike Glenon fan, but unless there’s a Texas A&M tie that I’m not aware of, its too soon to put Glenon out to pasture.  Besides, the  Bucs  have greater needs everywhere else. Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

whistle-manziel03-vikingsMinnesota Vikings

Again, let’s bring up Michael Vick.  Adrian Peterson is advocating for the Vikes to pick him up, and how foolish would it be not to keep your star player happy while still in his prime?  If they plick up a QB, it won’t be in this round and he’ll probably be a late round project. Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Buffalo Bills

They really like EJ Manuel.  At least for another year or 2.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Detroit Lions

Replace the modern day Brett Farve?  Nah!!  Besides, Matt Millen is long gone so Detroit fans don’t have to spend Draft Day in church or on a high rise balcony.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

whistle-manziel02-titansTennessee Titans

I like Jake Locker and I think the Titans do too.  I think he just a bit hard-headed though so he’s on a short leash.  If he had the right off-season coach (the late great Steve McNair would have been perfect) he has the potential to be a beast.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

New York Giants

I don’t care what Giants fans say, they have a kneepad lovefest for Eli Manning.  Let that marinate.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

St Louis Rams

Nah.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Chicago Bears

Bears fans don’t have the same love obsession that the Giants fans have for Eli, but the coaching staff are definitely fans.  For how long…who knows.  Well, we know it won’t be this year….or will it?  Verdict:  MAYBE MANZIEL

Pittsburgh Steelers

If the Steelers draft a QB???  Oh man!  Big Ben would….nevermind.  It sounds better in my head; let’s keep it that way.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL


Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have MASTERED the art of picking draft picks that look pretty good on paper, but turn out bad. IF, and its a huge if that Manziel would fall this far, I don’t think Jerry Jones has the savvy to draft Manziel and figure what to do with him later.  Manziel would in fact be a great fit in Dallas as he has Texas star power.  I think he’d even have star power on the bench.  But again, we’re talking Jerry Jones here; a live action version of Scooby Doo.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Baltimore Ravens

Like I stated above, there is no way Manziel is falling this far.  However, if he does, General Manager Ozzie Newsome is the polar opposite of Jerry Jones in the draft; very few sexy pics but gets results most of the time.  He would draft Manziel in a heartbeat and figure what to do with him later;’ be it a trade for draft picks or a trade for a player the Ravens need.  Verdict:  MANZIEL PICKED

Ok, let’s exam this.  If neither the Browns or the Raiders pick Manziel, there is a high likelihood that he will do an Aaron Rogers.  Outside of the Vikings, there are 7 other teams who are content at QB and more than likely wouldn’t draft him.  If it weren’t for the Michael Vick rumors, the fall would stop at Minnesota. The next team that would more than likely pull the trigger on Manziel if he falls  would be Chicago.  Cutler is still pretty decent, but at 14 there is no way Chicago would be able to ignore him.  Cutler might take his toys out of the toy box and go home, but hey…if he does, they’ll have a QB waiting in the wings.

This is already a silly post, but if by some reason other than senility that Ozzie wouldn’t pull the trigger, there would be literally fights over Manziel at that point.  I can see Rex Ryan making the call about 4 or 5 seconds after the Ravens would have said no.  Manziel would compete against Smith for the starting job.  Funny thing is, I think Manziel would actually lose that battle…don’t ask me why.  Miami would be the same scenario except I think Manziel would win that battle.  And last but not least, the Cardinals would definitely pick him given the age of Carson Palmer; Manziel could sit on the bench for a year and then come in to start or compete the year after.


As much flash and dash as Johnny Football has, he has equally enough potential to duplicate Aaron Rogers’s Draft Day free fall.  Which in the long run, worked out very well for Mr Rogers.  Maybe a free fall won’t be so bad for you, Johnny.  **smile**

The Cultural Competency of Getting a Cold Beer in Prince George’s County, Maryland

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Disclaimer:  The following is a farce of the all important concept of cultural competency.  To read what it really entails and how it’s applied, please check out “Cultural Competency in Community Nursing”.  


beer-flight      Its been a long day.  Payroll issues. Unemployment issues.  Reports to be drawn up.  Calls to make.  Calls to answer.  Webinars. Drive 45 miles just to find out that the meeting was canceled. All I know is that it all started at 8 this morning and I gave my final handshake at 9.  My mind said “let’s end this day right; you, me, and an iced cold beer.  I got in the car on an empty tank of gas and set on my way.  The area I was in was very close to the Washington, DC border; an area with plenty of fast food joints that don’t serve alcohol.  With a closer look there were plenty of liquor stores, however.  Cultural competency assessment: this neighborhood is just that; the hood.  What is telling about a neighborhood without a neighborhood watering hole or sit down restaurants says “if you eat it here, you better do it fast…damn fast.  And as far as a neighborhood bar, well, ain’t nobody contributing to you getting your dome caved in while you stumble home drunk.”

Remembering that having a burger sit in my lap alongside a tallboy beer can is illegal, I decided to hit a not yet popular West Indian restaurant off of I-495.  On the way there the amber light reminded me that “if we go any further on these fumes, you’ll be pushing this car to the bar.”  I pulled off of I-495 and headed to a gas station.  this community is more affluent; not a Bill’s Chicken & Fish to be seen or a liquor store (no check cashing places either, the previous neighborhood had about 3).  The strip was a 6 lane road with commerce on the right and residents on the left.  On the right were 2 hotels; nothing extravagant, but there was no Motel 6′s either.  (Other neighborhood?  Your chances would be better to ask Miss Bertha if you can crash on the couch for a day or two.)  I get my gas, and head to the other restaurant.  Maybe I’ll blog about how terrible the service was there some time later.  Man, I was there for 10 minutes.  No menu, no drink, no nada.  With my stomach angrily complaining, I head to trusty dusty Outback Steakhouse.  I park, think about what I’m going to order…mozzarella sticks?  Sliders?  Maybe some…..




The door would not budge for me no matter how hard I tried.  Then I read the hours of operation….Monday – Thursday  12-10.  Friday 12-11 (one hour longer?  Hmmm…..)  Back to the car again.  Cultural Competency Assessment: This neighborhood ain’t having it.  You want a beer at 10 PM?  No problem.  The liquor store stays opens until 9.  What’d you say? You want a late night mug of hops?  Stock up, homey.  Learn how to home brew.  We don’t/won’t have any neighborhood bars around here.  You’re gonna have to get in your car at a decent home of the evening to satisfy your urges.  Wait a minute….don’t you work?

I literally drove 3 exits on I-495 and pulled off.  I was hungry at this point and knew that looking for a place that was still open, serving adult beverages and food at 10ish may have been a bit frivolous.  Besides, hunger was overriding my urge for a hoppy beverage.  There was a moment of hope though.  Off of the exit ramp was a  Mexican chain restaurant that may or may not have been still serving (I was too frustrated to find out) and an IHOP.  I was CLEARLY not in the mood for a stack of damn pancakes.  It’s dark, but I’m familiar with the area.  I know in the big plaza where the IHOP and the TheFastFoodChainWithTheGirlWithTheRedHair restaurant reside there is nothing else there except the Safeway grocery store.   Further away due east or west are high-end,  non-luxury condos and one of the county’s magnet high schools.  No dice.  Let me reiterate; SADLY, I get in the drive thru line for TheFastFoodChainWithTheGirlWithTheRedHair.  It begins to rain almost symbolically.    Cultural Competency Assessment: We the people, in order to form a more perfect neighborhood, establish shops for your convenience including A liquor store.  A as in “1″.  That’s all you get.  Hey, didn’t they tell you in the last neighborhood to stock up?  Yeah, that might be a good idea for you.



Final Cultural Competency Assessment: We have plenty of liquor stores here for a reason.  Plan accordingly, stupid.  

My Greatest Hip Hop Producers of All Time and Why

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Not that any of y’all asked me, but here my list of top producers in hip hop history.  Criteria?  Diversity of acts, impact on hip hop, and the all important head-bob-ability.  And please comment; I know I’m missing some cats.


Un Mensaje Del Presidente

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Pardon me, everyone. This is how I plan for the future….I create my own stuff and try to make it come to fruition. Yes, I would LOVE to head the Puerto Rican Winter League. Definitely a dream job. So Señor Ruiz, when you’re ready to step down, I got you.


IMG_3219_zpsb4308276 Saludos Fanáticos:

Reciban una cordial invitación para que disfruten la emoción y diversidad que representa la participación de seis equipos, por primera vez en años recientes, en nuestro torneo invernal que comienza el jueves 11 de noviembre de 2012 para el deleite de nuestra fanaticada.

Iniciamos la presene temporada con un nuevo nombre: Liga de Béisbol Profesional Roberto Clemente, para conmemorar las hazañas deportivas, honrar el carácter humanitario y los valores que representa nuestro astro boricua, con motivo del 40mo. Aniversario de su Hit 3,000 en las Grandes Ligas; y el Aniversario Número 75 de nuestra Liga. Otra vez este año, el torneo se le dedica a la Familia Clemente, encabezada por la Sra. Vera Zabala viuda de Clemente.

Es nuestro firme compromiso con el béisbol boricua y la fanaticada, convertir la LBPRC en el peldaño que impulse el desarrollo y mejoramiento del talento joven para que sean los novatos y profesionales del futuro. Estamos muy conscientes de que la LBPRC constituye un proyecto social que contribuirá a mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestro Puerto Rico.

Acompañemos a los equipos Criollos de Caguas, Indios de Mayagüez, Gigantes de Carolina, Leones de Ponce, Cangrejeros de Santurce y Atenienses de Manatí para disfrutar cada una de las nueve entradas de los 144 partidos que jugarán las seis franquicias en este Torneo Invernal.

Los esperamos a todos,

Ralph Williams

Business as Reality Show

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Office Box Corner   I don’t care what anyone says, the best unscripted material for a reality show is anything that has to do with the wheels of commerce.  Look at it this way, in the current reality shows that are hot are based upon drinking, partying, and gossip.  That’s cool. but why not look at goes at a business on a daily basis?  Particularly small ones?  You have the same thing, except you have unpredictable end results.  On any  of the “Housewifes” shows someone is gonna be pissed off because someone else said something about them.  The end result is always the same; the 2 kiss and make up or they fight (sometimes physically).    I guess the material is the in between but I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch any of those shows.  I watch the real estate reality shows , the hospitality business shows, and the bakery shows.  I didin’t  realize it until I began writing this but these all have to do with commerce and the personality bs comes 2nd.

But maybe its the American audience.  Maybe the American audience like to see conflicts and conversations about things that have little to no relevance.  Perfect example….last year my family had a family reunion.  I’m also the #2 person for a small business.  Guess what aspect of my life was as by a producer to be the subject of a reality show?  Right…the family reunion.  I guess they felt that there was potential for one of those big this-side-of-the-family vs that-side-of-the-family type blowup when in reality those type of blowups happen almost daily at work!

So if any of you tv producers out there are looking for a show idea, man do I have a concept for you!



Random Reflection May Something or Another

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In my house, hot cocoa is essential.  For my son, its a quick treat.  For me, its that and my equivalent to an infrequent cigarette; I drink it and get that “ahhhhh” effect.  In this pic, the box is unside down because there are no more packets left.

Must…get…..more……**scratches arm vigorously**

Thanks to my neighbor’s odd desire to listen to his music in his car at strange times of the night and my girl’s reaction to the aforementioned; I’m wide awake.  Now would be a good time for sleep inducing show like Matlock or Law & Order.  (I actually love those shows, but the pace is so steady that if your sleepy, you always miss the ending).

For some reason, I’m just realizing that Atlanta is Black Hollywood.  10+ years ago, I would have been happy to say that; not so much now though.  Why?  Because first and foremost, this Black Hollywood is an inferior knockoff of real entertainment production.  In Hollywood, you have television and movie production.  Real tv, that is….the kind that involves clever and creative script writing.  Most of the television produced in ATL is reality tv and show production.  Those things are fine, but not what I was expecting when Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin got on a Baltimore stage and prophecized the coming a Va Beach Black Hollywood via the oracles known as Jada Pinkett and Will Smith.  I was looking forward to that as that was a time period where a lot of Black-based movies had been released.  I thought it was going to be the start of something big.

But now we have ATL with its psuedo-cosmopolitanism in the guise of the 21st century version of the Old South.  I can say that; I’ve done business in ATL and there’s a lot of shine without a lot of substance.  That’s reflective of this new Black Hollywood donning.  At best, there is a Tyler Perry movie in production every now and then.

But maybe its a blessing for Blacks that I don’t see.  Now upstart entertainers can actually live in a dwelling that can be considered a home instead of a car or hostel.  Now all of the good studios aren’t in NYC or LA.  On the otherhand, some of these people who wouldn’t be able to get a waiter job in LA are gettin on reality shows with ease and showing up to ATL’s “A List” affairs.

Let’s hope it gets better.

Whats Amazing this Week 1-26-13

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Amazing we don’t see more dead deer in the winter. (talk radio)

5 Hour Energy is amazing (commercial)

Amazing dinner at

Amazing deals on Toyota Tundra (commercial)

“It was amazing to see how these fans reacted” (Pats fans)

“Eating lunch at the dirty buffalo in Norfolk. Omg this plate is amazing. Mac and cheese, home fries, chicken cutlets, and spicy chili.”

Wow….even websites:

Yes……its amazing” (tv show “Cold Case” talking about apartment)

DirectTV is more amazing than….”


Wednesday- Student writes an amazing story. (From Who’s that Girl)

**singing** “I’m an amazing teacher” (From Who’s that Girl…again)
“Amazing work my man” (from Who’s That Girl….yet, again)


Thursday- Amazing Pro-B Formula

Amazing wine list in New Orleans restaurant


Friday-  Ed Reed says “amazing” 3 times in 5 sentences during an interview.

These facts about nature MUST be amazing:

Why I Don’t Give Props to Ray Lewis

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Ray Lewis has been a good (note I didn’t say “great”) leader of the Ravens for a long time. They could not have been a premiere defense for so long without him. However, in my opinion, his quotes, antics, and fading skills have practically nullified his previous successes.

1.) He’s useless in the pass game. I don’t think he can cover ME on an out or fade route, and I’m older than him. The Ravens now rarely have him in there on 3rd downs; and when he is, all he does is rush the QB. That leaves the entire middle of the field wide-open. If the QB can avoid the rush, he will always have an open man in the middle.

2.) He talks too much. I think he believes his own hype as far as being an NFL player to be heard. Remember this:
“Do this research if we don’t have a season, watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game,” Lewis told ESPN. “There’s too many people that live through us, people live through us. Yeah, walk in the streets, the way I walk the streets, and I’m not talking about the people you see all the time.”
Lewis wasn’t referring to the mounting amount of arrests by NFL players during the lockout.
Lewis said he thought there would be an uptick in crime simply because, “There’s nothing else to do.”
Seriously, dude….come on.
3.) Criminality. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance, but the idea of a 2nd chance for a Regular Joe like myself is to just GET a job; not get the exact same job you had before. That is typical with most NFL players who screwed up, but least we not forget Ray Ray was a part of a MURDER. Not a beatdown, not a DWI, but a murder; a man died that night. He wasn’t innocent, he plead out. Trust and believe that if he wasn’t the greatest LB ever (I’ll give him that), he wouldn’t be in an NFL uniform.
4.) Psuedo-leadership. We as fans believe that Ray is the leader of the team because he’s so vocal on and off of the field. That’s only partially true. On the field, he’s actually not the shot-caller; that was the job of former DL/LB Jarrett Johnson. HE put players in place based offensive formations. Hyping up the players, notice who’s surrounding Ray when he’s getting folks amped. Its either the youngest players or the newest players. The players who’ve been there awhile realize its the same speech as last year and the year before that. I’ve heard former players confirm this.
5.) Last but not least, the hyping him as this great individual. Besides the murder rap, the off the field issues way back in the days at the U, and the multiple baby-mamas. It amazes me how he’s hyped as this family man with about 6 kids from 4 different women and yet has never been married. I don’t think that fit the niche of a family man…hell I don’t even think it fits as the ideal nuclear family man. Supposedly, he’s there for all of his kids, but what do the women in his life have to say about this? How are you to create a family when you have sub-families all over the place? How are those children going to feel? Slippery slope, man.

He’s been a key to the success of the Ravens over the years. But the sum total of his achievements really should be scrutinized with what he brings to the party as a total person and what he contributes (not monetarily) to the community and his fans.

Why the PGA Now Has 2 Female Members (You probably already know why)

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DISCLAIMER: This piece is my and my opinion only.

In 1990, Augusta National admitted its first sets of Blacks. Today, they admitted their first women. It is an achievement for civil rights; another good old boy network that has decided to acclimate to the norms of society. However, I have my own theories as to why Augusta has made this move; and if you don’t feel like reading the remainder of this piece, let me sum it up to you in 2 words….Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods; the same reason why Augusta decided to integrate in ’90. Well…one of the reasons.

Reason #1: Tiger Woods.  Woods has been vilified in the media over the past 2 years because of his marital infidelities.  Some of his colleagues (some of whom were/are doing the same thing)  turned their backs on him while his skills have gradually diminished.  Even with that, ratings are always better when Woods is playing; sometimes by twofold.  However, Augusta is one of the last bastions of the new good old boy’s network.  Their lack of integration can be viewed as the support of those misogynistic attitudes.  Although Woods is as popular as before, politically he’s not the best bedfellow.  So why show any kind of understanding (albeit very indirect) for his actions?  Its a stretch, but when it  comes to golf, you can blame (and credit) anything to Tiger Woods.


Reason #2: Shoal Creek:

Up until 1990, Shoal Creek and many other golf clubs had no African-American members. Club founder Hall Thompson commented that the club would not be pressured to accept African-American members, stating “this is our home, and we pick and choose who we want.”  Wow.  These comments made the tournament a news flurry as civil rights groups threatened to protest the event and sponsors pulled advertising from the tournament. The compromise between the PGA and the club was to give local insurance executive Louis Willie  honorary membership with full membership to come after the waiting-list period of any membership application. The snowball effect was that everyone associated with golf; clubs, the PGA, and the USGA began to look at minorities’ roles the sport. The PGA and USGA changed rules regarding course selection, requiring clubs that hosted events to meet inclusive membership requirements.  Shoal Creek actually admitted women before Augusta, but Augusta was never penalized.  Augusta somehow flew under the radar which may be due to the popularity of the tournament.  Too bad, because now its time they adjust.


Reason #3: The LPGA:  The LPGA has been for the longest time the parallel circuit to the PGA (unlike the WNBA which is on a pure novelty status in comparison to the NBA).  The ladies on the tour for many years have expressed their disdain for the sexist membership requirements of clubs like Augusta in quiet, polite, and refined repugnance.  Anna Sorenstam has never supported the policy, but has quietly protested it through social media and by playing tournaments with the men.  By playing with the men, she physically demonstrates that she is just as capable of playing on any course the men play on.  Nancy Lopez has actually supported Augusta’s policy.  In 2002, Ms Lopez stated “You know, I hate that that has come up because I have always respected the tradition at Augusta,” Lopez told the Albany Herald. “And it was never a tradition of male or female to me, it was always just tradition.”   Interesting quote, right?  At the same time, Lopez said that she would be honored to if asked to become a member.  See the strategy in that?  In other words, this is what Lopez was saying “You guys can have your policy, no problem.  As the most notable women’s professional player ever, I can take or leave your club.  Get at me when you’re ready…I got shit to do.”


Reason #4: The Republican Party:  Ok, this is one is obvious and ties in to Reason #1.  As a fly on the wall, I bet the conversation of the Augusta National board room sounded like this:

Dingaling #1: Fellas, maybe it’s about time we admit women into the club.

Dingaling #2: What?  Have you lost your mind?  We already have more coloreds on the greens than we can handle.  And now you want to add some blubbering women?  I tell you what, let’s just make the club “happy liberal america land” and call it a day, ok?  Idiot….”

Dingaling #1: Listen, fool…here’s the idea.  We give membership to women, but we make sure that the women we invite are the right ones and I mean the RIGHT ones.

Dingaling #3: Hmmm.  I’m listening….

Dingaling #1: Gentlemen, it ain’t looking good.  We got Hussein Obama in the White House  and a non-Christian running against him.  Now, I’ll take the lesser of 2 evils and go for the Mormon, but need to get in the thick of things and show some support for the good ol’ GOP by finding a way to get more women to support ol’ Mitt.  Now what better way to do that than to get women as members?

Dingaling #2: Say!  I get it now!  Not only can we increase membership, but we can help the party out at the same time.  And while we’re at it, let’s invite a few women who’ve been loyal to the party and are recognizable?

Dingaling #3: Yes…..How about Dana Moore?  I know she’s sitting on a heap of cash.

Dingaling #1:  Yup.  Maybe at least one more….a really REALLY big name who golfs….

ALL:  CONDELEZZA!!!  **all laugh**

Dingaling #1: Gentlemen, we’ve done it again.


So now Augusta has increased its potential membership pool at a time of an election year AND to a demographic that is not really pro-Romney?  Oh, and WHERE do a significant amount of political fundraisers take place for $100+ a plate?  Right….golf club houses.



Augusta National…y’all ain’t slick.  Smart, but y’all ain’t slick.