Smarty Pants

We’ve all had the co-worker who talks a good game, but has no knowledge of your work subject matter whatsoever.  Some of you are unfortunate because that person is your boss; you have to listen to that gibber-gabber all day long.  But what is worst?  Have that dumbness hit you all day or get the ReAL dumb stuff in 2 or 3 big waves per day?

My friend Gorgeous had a co-worker who was just like that.  Smarty Pants would answer a question by playing verbal Ring Around the Rosie.  Was she well spoken?  Yes.  Intelligent?  Maybe.  Know what the hell she was doing?

Not even.

When Gorgeous started her job, Smarty Pants was ecstatic.  She was very eager to get to know Gorgeous and what she brings to the table.  But more importantly, she wanted to know how much Gorgeous knew.  Not because she wanted to gauge, but because she wanted her to pretty much do her work for her.  And unbeknown to her, Gorgeous ain’t the one.

And so begins, the legend of Smarty Pants.

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