Whats Amazing This Week? 1-26-12


Amazing we don’t see more dead deer in the winter. (talk radio)

5 Hour Energy is amazing (commercial)

Amazing dinner at cbslocaloffers.com

Amazing deals on Toyota Tundra (commercial)

“It was amazing to see how these fans reacted” (Pats fans)

“Eating lunch at the dirty buffalo in Norfolk. Omg this plate is amazing. Mac and cheese, home fries, chicken cutlets, and spicy chili.”

Wow….even websites:http://www.7amazingcreations.com/category/interior-design-2/

Yes……its amazing” (tv show “Cold Case” talking about apartment)

DirectTV is more amazing than….”


Wednesday– Student writes an amazing story. (From Who’s that Girl)

**singing** “I’m an amazing teacher” (From Who’s that Girl…again)
“Amazing work my man” (from Who’s That Girl….yet, again)


Thursday- Amazing Pro-B Formula

Amazing wine list in New Orleans restaurant


Friday-  Ed Reed says “amazing” 3 times in 5 sentences during an interview.

These facts about nature MUST be amazing: http://www.facebook.com/amazingfactsandnature

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