All Hype and No Ass?…I mean substance?


I thought it was just me; I’m the only one I know who was not running around like a deer in the headlights. To me, a speech is just that. Speaking. Yes, it was a historic moment,

but let’s face the facts, when all is said and done no matter how Democratic or Republican you are, the country (Obama fans and all)  Caught up!

has to realize that these 2 men are politicians. They are going to do what it takes to get elected. That might mean pissing on you upwind (I heard that somewhere before, not sure what it means but it seems appropriate). Let’s all calm down, celebrate the historical significance of the achievement and not the idealistic poem thats being written about Obama without words.

Honestly, I never thought I’d live to see that day that a Black man would be having such a successful campaign for president.   And I DEFINITELY  didn’t think I’d see the day when that same figurative man would be JFKish in his oratory skills and popularity.  It’s truly amazing.  One’ thing’s for sure; this man will be under the microscope if he gets elected.  Ask any brother who was the 1st of Anything how tight the magnification is on his ass.

And what the hell happened to this guy????

Laugh at me if you want to, but I really thought HE was going to be the 1st Black president of the United States.  Why?  Because as a Republican, who else would or could have represented the audacity of hope better than him?  He wrote a book too ( What Color is a Conservative).  He was a federally elected official (House of Representatives; you know the ones who actually do some work?).  He was seemingly the progressive posterchild of the party.  Others, had different names for him.  Then one day, he pissed the wrong guy off and his political career went to shit.  Can you say…trifling?  Stereotypical?  I knew you could.  Nice going “Just Coonin'” Watts.

I’m only mad at him because I hate to be wrong.  I was never a fan; Watts was a little too conservative for my taste; hell, he was a little too conservative to be Black period.  But the GOP loved him.  One day, he up and decided not to seek re-election.  He served 4 terms, but said he would only serve 2 when he was 1st elected.  The reason he gave for not wanting to run again was that he wanted to spend more time with his family.  Question was, which one?  According to the dirt mills and various gossip rags, Watts had about 3 to 4 kids out of wedlock.  Would have been a tough sell for a run at president if an ordained minister has a Sunday school from his own loins.   Way to go, JC.

I’m just mad at him because I hate to be wrong.  I probably would have voted for the man too depending on who he was running against.  What I did like about him was that he had concrete views on things good or bad.  Obama?  I have yet to hear him say he has a solid solution about anything except possibly the war and offshore drilling (which he flip-flopped on…I hate that shit).

So now the 2nd phase of the run for the White House is completed.  This is an exciting time for everyone, but let’s stay grounded and focused.  Hype is just that.  I hate to be the sour puss of the festivities, but all of this is hype is gonna be for nothing if he can’t he can’t effectively delegate and lead.

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