All That Glitters

Ok.  So now we have a younger, pretty politician running with McCain for the presidency.

Governor Sarah Palin.  Was this choice a stroke of genius or a disaster.  The following weeks will tell.  So far though, her good looks and down-home appeal are working to reverse the tide of the “Rock Star” phenomenon.  There seems to be something alluring about the woman, although I’d rather slap the taste out of her mouth forher little “community organizer” comment.

Yeah, Sarah, I’d have to say without you explaining the importance of running Mayberry 2008 that people like Mitch Synder, Bea Gaddy, and even the woman who helped get you where you might be someday actually DID have responsibilities.  Some serious ones.  Here you are running for political office with the “change” mantra and one of the things we American need to change (accountability for our neighborhoods and communities), you shit on.  Nice move.

But let me try to be objective.  Now that Palin is the star of the show, looks like Biden is gonna have to get the Dems message across without looking like a bully (or an idiot).  We’ll see what happens.

You know what?  Fuck objectivity.  I find it hard to vote all the sides of jackasses like these 2:

Obama Waffles

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