Barbie Like You

Ever wonder how some people turn out after high school?  College?  Not your friends or associates, just the ones that you would see or deal with every now and then.  That guy that would always be in the cafeteria eating the meatloaf and 2 PBJ’s.  What’s he doing?  Or the girl that was always laughing, never wore shoes, and hung out with the frisbee throwing crew.  What”s she doing now?

That all came to me because DJ  had a gig and she was tearing it up; everything she played was on point.  The odd thing is, the songs that she played that usually work well for that age group weren’t really hittin’ off on anything.

I’ve been “spying” on this one site for a couple months, and  there was a topic that’s been burning my ass for the past few weeks. I forgot that I have (or at least thought I didn’t have) a platform to discuss it either. You always here that there are a lot of good women out here, but the good men that are out here only want “Barbie Dolls”. If I go to the gym 2-3 times a week (I also volunteer in 2 places, learning a language, AND a dad), what’s stopping you from doing the same? Granted, you may not get that Barbie Doll look, but make an effort get a man to be attracted to you in the 1st place. DAMN!!!

This goes to another point.  Ladies, it is definitely true that all of that outer beauty is superficial and fades over time.  BUT, your outer beauty is the first thing that people (both men and women) are attracted to.   And that goes deeper than the physical aspect; that also goes to the clothes you wear and how you get your hair done.  So again, don’t complain about not being able to find a man if your feet are constantly jacked up, you wearin’ those frumpy dumpy sweat pants, and your hair on your head always looks like its on strike.  Thats not gonna make it. If you about getting that fine man with the good job, be about it through and though.

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