Book: Charcoal Joe

Without going into too much detail about the main character, Easy Rawlins, Walter Mosley has spent about 20 years developing the character in 14 books so far and 1 movie from the first book, “Devil In A Blue Dress” starring Denzel Washington. Easy Rawlins is a private eye in 60s and 70s Los Angeles who tries to operate as close to the lines of the law, but the unwritten law of the streets always seems to impede his attempts. Mosley’s recent Easy Rawlins book, “Charcoal Joe” is no different. If Charcoal Joe were made into a movie, here is who should be playing whom:

One quick note; I had a hard time placing who Vanessa Bell-Calloway would play versus who Angela Bassett would play. Only because I made a moviegoer observation; I can’t recall Vance and Bassett playing in the same more or in romantic roles for that matter. Hell, I’ve never seen Vance kiss a woman on screen. So perhaps Vance would not make a good Easy Rawlins as wifey would be on set like “hey, HEY! That’s enough of that!” especially given how much sex Easy is getting in this book. And whoever has to play Jasmine Palmas-Hard has to be able to handle what should be a graphic sex scene. That being said, my backup main characters are Wesley Snipes or Larenz Tate for Easy Rawlins, Kimberly Ellse or to REALLY to put the role over the top Karrine “Superhead” Steffans to play Jasmine Palmas-Hardy, and possibly Lynn Whitfield to play Belle.

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