Business as Reality Show

Office Box Corner   I don’t care what anyone says, the best unscripted material for a reality show is anything that has to do with the wheels of commerce.  Look at it this way, in the current reality shows that are hot are based upon drinking, partying, and gossip.  That’s cool. but why not look at goes at a business on a daily basis?  Particularly small ones?  You have the same thing, except you have unpredictable end results.  On any  of the “Housewifes” shows someone is gonna be pissed off because someone else said something about them.  The end result is always the same; the 2 kiss and make up or they fight (sometimes physically).    I guess the material is the in between but I wouldn’t know because I don’t watch any of those shows.  I watch the real estate reality shows , the hospitality business shows, and the bakery shows.  I didin’t  realize it until I began writing this but these all have to do with commerce and the personality bs comes 2nd.

But maybe its the American audience.  Maybe the American audience like to see conflicts and conversations about things that have little to no relevance.  Perfect example….last year my family had a family reunion.  I’m also the #2 person for a small business.  Guess what aspect of my life was as by a producer to be the subject of a reality show?  Right…the family reunion.  I guess they felt that there was potential for one of those big this-side-of-the-family vs that-side-of-the-family type blowup when in reality those type of blowups happen almost daily at work!

So if any of you tv producers out there are looking for a show idea, man do I have a concept for you!



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