Epilogue of a Great (uhh…or painful) Workout

I haven’t had a serious workout in about 2 months.  The last workout I had was last week, but it was strictly weights.  Here’s the wrap-up….

At 11:00 AM, I decide I really need to workout. 

At 4:30 PM I drag my fat ass out of the house after MUCH procrastination.  1.) Pre-game show  2.) finish unpacking from my move  3.) watching the so-called Ravens game and then switching to the ‘Skins game.

I not only needed motivation, I needed a spark.  Normally, I would drink a Monster energy drink and eat a granola bar, but being that I’m on temporary poverty status, I headed to the dollar store and got a Rip-it and a snickers bar.  Usually the dollar store has Joker energy drink which tastes just like Monster but no kick.  So, I got the Rip-it which tastes horrible but does the trick.

I get to the gym; not too crowded but WhatDaHellKotter (or WeirdAlYankDoesWeights) is there.  A little background on WhatDaHellKotter…He is this big lurchy type, 6’4, 240, a “Welcome Back Kotter” fro, and in decent shape.  He wasn’t always like that either.  He dropped a ton of weight by going to the gym to lift weights and walking to and from the gym which I think is about 2.5 miles for him.  That’s all well and good, but where we get the whatdahell part of his nickname is from his actions.  He is the only person I’ve ever seen under 65 and male at a gym who will go look for a trainer for a spot.  The place can be full of folks lifting and he will walk across the hallway to knock on the door and ask.  The trainers hate him.  I can tell.  Another of his claims to fame is his oddity of actually waiting by equipment until you are done.  He won’t ask if he can work in with you, he’ll just stand there and wait….wow.  Oh wait, there’s more.  WhatDaHellKotter will camp out on a piece of equipment HE ISN’T using!  (we’ll get back to that one.)

I get on the treadmill for a 7 min warm-up.  I don’t know how effect this was since I spent about 3 minutes trying to get the mp3 player set the way I want it.  (sorry, I refuse to be an iPod zombie.)

I work on the pecs 1st.  I’ve read somewhere that those muscles get fatigued the easiest and fastest so you have to work on those 1st.  I think men just think its macho so you have to do it 1st.  I go with the status quo on that one.

I forgot to mention that I’m doing the push/pull thing so I did the bench, and I did some rows. 

Squats/leg curls.  Ouch

Dips/rope pull.  (damn I’m getting tired)

bent bar arm curls.  ( now I’m gassed)

Now its time to run.  The objective, run around the soccer/baseball field once, and on the 2nd time run up and down the side hill as much as possible.  Ok….now we run….

shit…I’m too tired for this

1st lap completed….time for next one.  (Yeah right)






Somebody please punch me in the face so that this suffering would make sense.


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