Go D.J., That’s my D.J., …..

Hey!  I survived another weekend; albeit with a mysterious head cold.  I say its myterious because I’ve been working out and eating pretty good, but none of that means shit when you gettin’ your rest.  That was me last week…4 hours of sleep and the rest was me being on the move.  Hey, I got everything done though!

So my friend D.J. MiPrima had a gig that I accompanied her to.  The party was for a  young man who was on his way to Moorehouse College in Atlanta.  Typical of most Black family event; varying age ranges and socio-economic backgrounds, and TONS of food.  How they got all that food in 1 kitchen is beyond me.  I mean, at one point the host brought out a huge dish of macaroni and cheese, and then replaced it.  Not a big deal?  Ok, keep in mind that this was one of those 15 lb’ers.  AND he did that with a few other dishes.  It was outstanding ’cause you know I got minez.

What was the most interesting part of the evening was towards the end.  A good portion of the crowd was teenagers.  Oddly enough, they came of to DJ MiPrima and asked “Do you have The Temptations ‘Just My Imagination’?”  We looked at each other, she shrugged and just by coincidence had the wax.  These kats got on the mic and sang….ok, maybe maimed is the better description, the song.  The other surprise what that they knew all of the words.  I’m significantly older and I don’t even know the words!  It amazes me as a father and observer of life what kids pick up.

Now for some useless information; one of my favorite shirt is purple and white diagonal stripes.  I can wear this shirt with any kind of pants and still rock it.  Unfortunately, it has a mind of its own.  First of all, whether I put it in the gentle wash or have it dry cleaned, one collar is always limp, and the other is stiff, but has this weird curl on the end of it.   Now if I can just remember this weird trait, I can iron it out and the collar will match for a few hours.

Another thing I about this shirt is that its cut short.  It fits me great in the shoulder and arms, but that shirt is CRAZY short.  If I reach way above my head, the shirt will pop out from under the belt.  When my weight is up, all you see is brown muffin poppin’ out.  Gross.

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