“I AM MALCOLM X!!!!” (I guess….)

At this time I would like to welcome myself back to the blogging world.  For those of you who wrecked my flow the last time with some ol’ high school bullshit….take it to the ass crack.

So let’s begin where we left off.  No, damn that.  I’ll give you an update later.

May  19th was the birthday of Malcolm X.  He would have been 81 years old had not a CIA group of assasins taken him out.  Yes, I believe in that conspiracy theory.  Some sistas in DC had the great idea to commemorate Malcolm’s birthday with a Malcolm X themed party.  The concept was simple; supply healthy foods, light drinks, play dvds in the background that had something to do with Malcolm, and last but DEFINITELY not least, revolutionary music!  For those who need to act like they know, this would include Dead Prez, Wise Intelligent, and some throwbacks like Brand Nubian, Public Enemy, and so on.

Well, I was siced about this party because I’ve never been to one themed as such. I even called my friend, WhatAboutMe and asked her to pick up some Malcolm gear so I can be prepared.  Sure enough, an hour before the party, she got me the shirt.  It was a pic of him in his famous pose of biting his lip and pointing with the caption beneath saying “Our fallen Black prince”.  Tight.

So I’m ready!  I even got disposable cameras to shoot pics since I forgot (well, thought I forgot) my digital.  I get there right around the time the elctronic flyer says, 9:30.  Shocker…I’m the 1st one there.  The DJ wasn’t even there yet.  MY people…..ain’t THAT a bitch?

I asked the hosts if I could be of any assistance and they said no, but I ended up assisting them anyway.  I also became good friends with the cat.  That is until the DJ came in and started spinning.  That shook her up pretty good.  So far,  so good.

However, at that point the strangeness began to evolve.  I was sitting in a chair that was facing the door.  Gradually, the partiers began to slide in.  “Interesting crowd,”  I thought.  I saw a rotund sista walk in with some beads around her neck and an afro with a headband; accompanied by a tall, skinny white chic.  Hmmm…..a true dichotomy.  No problem.

Then the stream got even more steadier.  To the point where I wasn’t even paying attention.  When I looked up and noticed it…..here at this day of celebration for the fallen Black prince of the people, there were just as many white people as there was Black!

My first thought was, this is some ol’ bullshit.  I looked over at WhatAboutMe and all she said was “I know, don’t even say nothing.”  My next thought was “ok, my people are always late.  Even to parties.  It’ll straighten itself out soon.”




Still 50/50.   By this time, I figured I’d better take notice to who’s who.  I had just broken one of the cardinal rules of hanging out diversely; If you are a brotha and you talking to any non-sista for longer than a minute, you are labeled as “one of them.”  One of them is a kat that refuses to try to get at Black women even though he’s Black.  Given the mixed crowd, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was gonna be to talk to any of the sistas.

Then there was this one kat in there.  He  was trying to stay in the cut for the most part; in the living room on the couch, camped over by the stairs, leaning against the counter in the kitchen.   He had on jeans, black tennis shoes, and a brown hoodie.  Keep in mind that it was 68-70 degrees outside all night, not to mention how hot it probably was up in there with all of those people generating heat.  I’m under the suspicion that dude was a snitch of some sort; either for the Feds or for the DC government.  Yeah, that sounds crazy, but the electronic flyer that was sent out that a couple key phrases in it:  Fight the Power, Malcolm X, and revolution.  Marinate on that.

What to do now?  DC is obviously no longer Chocolate City and I am just realizing how much I took advantage of it while it was still here.  Gentrification has run wild in this city to the point of nobody knowing what’s what.  You know how you talk to a New Yorker or someone from the Illadelph and you say “what’s good and poppin’?”.  You say that in DC now, you’re probably gonna get an answer of ”  oh, Tiny Tiny has THE BEST peppercorn veggies!  Their to DIE for!!”  UGH.

WhatAboutMe said that the next gig is at Howard U, this time its for African Unity.

I think I’ll pass.

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