Kick De Ball!

Everyday, I ponder how to create my business and its elements. Yes, what would be the positions, what certifications would we need, the big picture, and most importantly, a soccer field. Yes! Ideally, I’d like to share office space with a place that has a latent soccer field. That could happen, but its not efficient. But what is more possible is an office converted into a place where employees can blow off some steam by kicking the soccer ball in to the net.

oooh! ahhh…

This…would be HOT! You had a meeting that sucked. The smartboard wouldn’t work and the other company’s VP kept falling asleep during your presentation. A walk would be best, but it’s snowy and cold outside. Man, go put your sneakers on and kick the ball in the net a few times. AND you have a nice view. Wouldn’t it be great? I’m excited about the concept. I’m looking forward to adding this to Visualized as to the where in the DMV.

Or…..somewhere else? Hmmm!

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