MARC Train Adventure #1

Its late, I’m tired and I have $5 in my pocket.  Unfortunately, that’s all I have for a while since I only get paid once a damn month.  Ridiculous.

I get to the station after a subway delay on Metro.  I drag my ass to the hurt-ting McDonald’s.  I stand in the line that seems to drag on.  Ahead of me, there are 4 teenagers.   All of them being noisy, annoying teens.  One of them has more than the teen attitude, he has a pair…maybe one too many as he couldn’t read the pissed off look on my face.

Him: Excuse me.  You got 15 cents?

Me: What?!?

Him: You got 15 cents?

For some reason or another, this pissed me off to no end and I popped.

Me:  (getting closer to his face) You have the nerve to ask me for some money with your pants hanging off you ass like that?  I ain’t giving you shit until you pull you FUCKEN pants up.  See that white man over there?  He looking at you sayin’ “Look at that dumb street monkey”, beggin’ for money from people.  I’m glad MY newphew doesn’t do that.”

Him: (pulling up his pants) The pants is too big and the string broke.

Me: So what?  Put on another pair even they dirty!  Shit! ( I hand him the dollar) Get your shit together, man!

Him: thanks.

Me: Whatever.

(One of the other boys chimes in)

Him2: Can I get $0.40?

Me: (Looking him up and down) Naw,  we good.  (walking off)

As I left the line to get on my train, I can see out of my side vision another black man with a masked smile aimed at my direction and an ever so slight nod….

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