MARC Train Story #3: Please be presentable

I have a HUGE problem with flip flops as a fashion statement.  Dr Scholl created flip flops for the beach, not for the office, the college campus, or anywhere else for that matter.  And if I’m not mistaken, aren’t they supposed to be worn during the extreme heat?  I mean, damn.  Nobody wants to see your discolored toes nearing potential loss from hypothermia.  Idiots.

But, no one is listening to me on that one so I’ll just leave that alone and get to the story.  So ummm….ladies, please take care of your feet.  For real.  Ladies, if you must wear open-toed, opened-foot shoes, take care of your feet.  On the train the other day, I saw a woman with flip flops on, with UNTRIMMED TOE NAILS.  Straight trife.  I mean, how do you do that?  Your feet are obviously going to be a visual point since nothing is protecting them except the cheap ass flip flops you got on.  Go get a clipper, nail file, and some Nivea and get a bang outta life.  Disgraceful!

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