One of the Best Dates Ever

I went out on a date this past Friday, and it was actually pretty good.  My date was on time, quiet, and amicable.  My date was also very inexpensive as I only came out of my pocket $12; $3 for a water [yes, water cost $3 at the movie theater] and $8 for the movie ticket.  Who was this vixen?  Hot mamacita?

None of the above. I took ME out.

You see, I was supposed to have a nice, tranquil date with a young lady who decided to pull the no call/ignore calls on me.  I’m still trying to figure out why, but it basically ruined a potentially fun weekend with me and some friends, and her.  Yes I was pissed at first; more out of the disrespect of the no-call thing, but gradually I got over it when I found out that there were still some available tickets for the hottest movie of the summer.  The Dark Knight.

Ok, its movie review time.  Let’s start with what was wrong with the movie.  Chris Blane’s Batman voice was almost comical.  He sounded like he was trying to talk while someone scratched the crack of his ass.  Like it was slightly painful, yet still relieving.  heheheh.  Also, Jake Gylenhaal’s (sp?) sister (’cause that’s all she gonna be acting-wise) was terrible.  She would ruin the flow of the movie everytime she opened her mouth.  Very forgettable.

Ok, now for the good part.  Yes, Heath Leger was off the chain.  He took the joker and transformed him into someone that the producers of the previous Batman movies and tv shows have been afraid to do.  I think he must have studied psychopaths and schizophrenics because he had the behavior DOWN.  No, I do not have clinical experience, but I used to work in a hospital that had a mental health wing and yeah….I’ve seen that behavior before.  Also, the special effects were sick.  Not as off the chain as Ironman, but they were still good.  Please don’t take the kids to see this movie.  Yes, its PG-13, but that’s only because there is no sexual interactions or nudity.  To me, if you sprinkled in a few curse words, this was a definite R movie.  The Joker nueroticism and the realistic facial trauma suffered by TwoFace are way too much for young kids.  The action scence were fine; could have been better, could have been worse, but some found it really entertaining.

The next day date was at the gym.  I proposed to this one girl that we should hit the gym together.  No, it wasn’t a hint about her fat ass.  SHE stated she wanted to start losing weight and I said this would be a good way to jump start that.  It got to the point where she suggested that I go to the gym and get back at her afterwards.  Bad sign, for real.

But I took myself to the gym and found out something that I’m not proud of.  I’m a legal, over-the-counter drug abuser; I have to have some type of stimulant to get a good workout.  Sat. was the first time in a long time that I didnt start my workout with an energy drink.  Bad, bad  D.O.  Usually I can do about 10 different weight exercises isolating 3 to 4 different muscle groups, but this time I did a total of 4 exercises and only 2 muscle groups.  Can’t blame it on fatigue; I got plenty of sleep the night before.  There is only one solution… a case of Monster on payday!

Updates: Saw the HotMARC train girl again….damn.  No, I’m not saying anything to her either.  Why?  I’m scared of women now, you all are psychos!!!!

This past week was the AKA Convention.  Mmmm mmmm MMMMM.  Pink ain’t never look so good.  What was unusual (to me) was that I saw a Middle Eastern AKA, and a white AKA.  My boy thought he was gonna catch a stalking charge last week because of the convention.  But again, I said nothing because women are psychos.

I am putting the vibes out there to get a motorcycle.  The combination of $5 gas and my self-disillusionment is leading me in that direction.  The goal is to get a 2 yr old bike in mid-February.  Wish me luck.

I also have adopted a new strategy….women ar psychos; proceed with caution and ambivalance.  I’ll keep you all posted.  Holla.

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