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Are you there?

I am so bored with this blog.  I’ve been rereading some of my posts and damn its boring.  My posts have been far and few between because the things that people want to talk about, sex, dating, and money, I have very little of each (some more than other, but that’s none of ya damn […]

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Go D.J., That’s my D.J., …..

Hey!  I survived another weekend; albeit with a mysterious head cold.  I say its myterious because I’ve been working out and eating pretty good, but none of that means shit when you gettin’ your rest.  That was me last week…4 hours of sleep and the rest was me being on the move.  Hey, I got […]

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Smokers Ain’t Shit

Today, a brotha is struggling.  I’m having this marathon week of 16 hour days that combine both a busy work and personal schedule.  I was supposed to call someone at 7 this morning, but I totally slept on that on; damn near literally and figuratively.  The caffeine effect doesn’t seem to be working today so […]