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Smokers Ain’t Shit

Today, a brotha is struggling.  I’m having this marathon week of 16 hour days that combine both a busy work and personal schedule.  I was supposed to call someone at 7 this morning, but I totally slept on that on; damn near literally and figuratively.  The caffeine effect doesn’t seem to be working today so […]

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No, this is not a post about me looking at boobs or butts at Union Station, it’s about the difference of actual sightseeing in Washington, D.C. vs Baltimore.  The 2 cities are very close, yet so different.  Both are historical, but Baltimore’s is more sporatic; Civil War history, Civil Rights history, Revolutionary War, etc.  In […]

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Stop Whining!

Hello all.  So I was reading some of my older posts and thought “those are pretty funny. I still got it.”  Then I read someone else blog who had the same premise as mine…random nothing.  After reading his blog, I will promise you this:  I will not post unless I have something good, funny or […]