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The “In”

The “In” is the best and easiest way to get your flirt on.  A woman accidently steps on your toe, you say something smart-ass yet cute about it and go from there.  Its all in the design.  There is this SMOKIN’ chic that rides the train sometimes the same time I do (TrainGoddess), and I […]

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I have come to the realization that I am in the 1st stage of Mid-Life Crisis.  If I’m not mistaken, Mid-Life Crisis occurs in men in their mid to late 40’s.  I got a few more years to get there, but again, the 1st sign is there.  Disillusionment. There are a few things I’m disillusioned […]

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The Weird Uncle

Ever had that really really odd uncle or aunt that does stuff that everyone in the family accepts, but from the outside looking in its a “whoa” effect?  My co-worker has an uncle named Bob.  Bob is a single, never-been-married retired doctor who has and still does travel the world solo. The story?  In med school, he met the woman of his dreams and wanted to marry […]