Post Office Chronicles

And one month later from my last post….

I ordered something from Ebay 2 weeks ago. According to the Post Office’s app, the package was supposed to have arrived last Thursday. Guess what? No package. I went to the Post Office Saturday morning to inquire about it. Stood in line, and was asked to write the tracking number down. I handed it to the clerk who in turn handed it to some ding dong in the back. He comes back 10 minutes later to tell me that I left off a number. I add the number and returns to the back. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. I was waiting so long that another teller asked “are you still waiting on him? I nodded tiredly. She went to the back to retrieve him, only for him to return to say “did you give me the paper (that I wrote the tracking number on)? I was done. I left; sweaty and pissed off. 30 minutes of my life gone for no reason.

Today I went to the same Post Office, because I had no choice, to see if I could talk to someone more competent. I handed my tracking number to a woman who went to the bank and quickly returned to tell me that my package was not in the back. However, she did give me the number for the carrier for that area.

I think I want to move just to have a different Post Office.

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