Stop Whining!

Hello all.  So I was reading some of my older posts and thought “those are pretty funny. I still got it.”  Then I read someone else blog who had the same premise as mine…random nothing.  After reading his blog, I will promise you this:  I will not post unless I have something good, funny or interesting to post.  If you ain’t doing something interesting with your life, why bother?

With that said I only have 1 thing for y’all….City Paper’s “Best of Baltimore” voting starts this week.  All entries have to have a minimum of 25 fields filled out.  I’m struggling to fill out all the fields, but I will share all of my choice with you real soon.  The reason I can’t do it now is because I’m lazy and because there are names of a few establishments that I don’t remember so I have to do a drive by and get the names.

Oh, for some reason I have this new demented intrigue of gangs.  So far, I’ve done a lot of research on La Eme and MS-13; only because there are a high percentage of them in VA and they are starting to flow into Baltimore.  Hahaha…as if the unorganized crime wasn’t bad enough, here comes the MS-13 to join the already burgeoning Crips and Bloods.  Great.

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