The “In”

The “In” is the best and easiest way to get your flirt on.  A woman accidently steps on your toe, you say something smart-ass yet cute about it and go from there.  Its all in the design.  There is this SMOKIN’ chic that rides the train sometimes the same time I do (TrainGoddess), and I have yet to find my “in” with her.

A few days after I started writing this post, I overheard this dude (WaywardConvo) talking to her.  I’m no ladies man, but there a few things I do know about talking to a woman in convo for the 1st.These 2 are sitting behind me and I can hear most of the convo.  “…I’ve read a few philosophical books about different trains of thought and I decided a while ago no one is going to dictate to me how I worship…”

<<BUZZER!!!>> Unless it is a church trip to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, you DO NOT want to have your 1st convo with a woman be about worship.  If anything, you let HER tell you about that.  Its way easy to say the wrong thing when it comes to religion.

WaywardConvo:  I’ve studied a couple of languages too since college.

TrainGoddess:  Really?  Which ones?

WC: Oh, um…Spanish and a little German.

TG:  Oh, that’s nice.  I actually speak a few languages.  My best one is Greek.

WC:  Oh yeah?

TG:  Yes.  And most people don’t believe it, but its true that most of the words in English came from Greek in some form.

WC:  That’s fascinating.  So you know some Greek huh?  Words like pyro, right?

TG:  Pyro?

WC:  yeah, pyro.


WC:  Pyro!  You know…fire.  The Greek word for fire?

TG:  Oh, I guess.  I don’t know that one.  The word for “fire” for the Greek I KNOW is <whatever>.

WC:  Oh.  I don’t know how that’s confusing, know!  hehehhehe

TG: (Silence)

<<BUZZER!!!>>  You never challenge a woman’s intelligence unless you on Jeopardy.  Secondly, don’t go around testing your know-how when you know-not!  I remember this security guard did that to a law student and the other security guard who was sitting there watching yelled “See that?  Next time you need to know-not what you speak!”  She didn’t say it right, but you get the idea.


But I feel his pain. Its hard trying to get at somebody, especially a goddess.  Unfortunately, you have to go hard or don’t go at all.  He ended it with giving her his business card which is useless.  (Trust me, been there, done that, it don’t work.) Fellas, again, go hard, or don’t go at all.

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