The Johnny Manziel Dilemma

The NFL Combine is over.  The big story of the combine, the Michael Sam question, is no longer who will draft him but WILL he get drafted.  Usually, a DE/LB who runs a 4.79- 40 yard dash, has a vertical leap of about 40 cms, and a shuttle run of 40 days and 40 nights usually doesn’t get drafted.  But hey, we shall see; the NFL and its happenings are a universe all its own.


One thing that has emerged (as usual) from the combine is the scout talk; who has made what impression.  From those talking heads, it seems as though the unflappable Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football has become the new enigma.  Talks are swirling that he won’t be the 1st pick, nor the top 5, and maybe not even top 10.  Remind you of someone?




I have created my own mock draft with a ton of “Manziel what-ifs”.  I don’t think he’ll have a free fall like Rogers did, but if he doesn’t make it to 5 with the Raiders, its my guess anything could happen.  Note, in all of my years trying to guess the outcome of the draft, I’ve only been right about 2 QBs; Blaine Gabbert and Cristian Ponder.

whistle-manziel04-texansHouston Texans:

The way Sammy Watkins is garnering interest, I would be surprised to see the Texans draft anyone else but him.  Yes, Jadaveon Clowney is a freak, but with an aging Andre Johnson and a lackluster supporting WR cast, Watkins makes sense at this pick.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL 

St Louis Rams:

The Rams could use a WR like Watkins or a DE like Clowney.  Either way….Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

manzeljagJacksonville Jaguars:



What a train wreck this team is.  They usually don’t have a method to their madness.  Given that they traded away Eugene Monroe this past season, maybe they’ll draft Greg Robinson.  Who knows?  Verdict:  MANZIEL MAYBE

whistle-manziel02-brownsCleveland Browns

Cut and paste the first line I wrote about the Jags.  I actually wonder if they’re committed to losing.  Given that, who know what they will do as well.  I have the nagging suspicion that they will be drafting either UCF QB Blake Bortles, possibly Manziel, or who knows who.  The smart pick here would be Teddy Bridgewater, the consensus “ready-to-play” QB of the draft.  Either way, they cannot waste a season of having the most dangerous WR you never heard of (Jason Gordon) so a QB is likely.  But it’s Cleveland, so who knows.  Verdict:  MANZIEL MAYBE

manzielraidersOakland Raiders

Personally, I think the Raiders are the best team for Manziel.  His antics on and off of the field will probably be appreciated more there than most places outside of New York.  **in Steven A voice**  HOWEVA, The rumor mill has it that Michael Vick is a candidate to be the starter so we shall see.  Verdict:  MANZIEL HOPEFULLY 


Atlanta Falcons

They have a QB, albeit one of the most overrated in the league.  Johnny DOES look fly in the Farve jersey, though.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I’m not a Mike Glenon fan, but unless there’s a Texas A&M tie that I’m not aware of, its too soon to put Glenon out to pasture.  Besides, the  Bucs  have greater needs everywhere else. Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

whistle-manziel03-vikingsMinnesota Vikings

Again, let’s bring up Michael Vick.  Adrian Peterson is advocating for the Vikes to pick him up, and how foolish would it be not to keep your star player happy while still in his prime?  If they plick up a QB, it won’t be in this round and he’ll probably be a late round project. Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Buffalo Bills

They really like EJ Manuel.  At least for another year or 2.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Detroit Lions

Replace the modern day Brett Farve?  Nah!!  Besides, Matt Millen is long gone so Detroit fans don’t have to spend Draft Day in church or on a high rise balcony.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

whistle-manziel02-titansTennessee Titans

I like Jake Locker and I think the Titans do too.  I think he just a bit hard-headed though so he’s on a short leash.  If he had the right off-season coach (the late great Steve McNair would have been perfect) he has the potential to be a beast.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

New York Giants

I don’t care what Giants fans say, they have a kneepad lovefest for Eli Manning.  Let that marinate.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

St Louis Rams

Nah.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Chicago Bears

Bears fans don’t have the same love obsession that the Giants fans have for Eli, but the coaching staff are definitely fans.  For how long…who knows.  Well, we know it won’t be this year….or will it?  Verdict:  MAYBE MANZIEL

Pittsburgh Steelers

If the Steelers draft a QB???  Oh man!  Big Ben would….nevermind.  It sounds better in my head; let’s keep it that way.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL


Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have MASTERED the art of picking draft picks that look pretty good on paper, but turn out bad. IF, and its a huge if that Manziel would fall this far, I don’t think Jerry Jones has the savvy to draft Manziel and figure what to do with him later.  Manziel would in fact be a great fit in Dallas as he has Texas star power.  I think he’d even have star power on the bench.  But again, we’re talking Jerry Jones here; a live action version of Scooby Doo.  Verdict:  NO MANZIEL

Baltimore Ravens

Like I stated above, there is no way Manziel is falling this far.  However, if he does, General Manager Ozzie Newsome is the polar opposite of Jerry Jones in the draft; very few sexy pics but gets results most of the time.  He would draft Manziel in a heartbeat and figure what to do with him later;’ be it a trade for draft picks or a trade for a player the Ravens need.  Verdict:  MANZIEL PICKED

Ok, let’s exam this.  If neither the Browns or the Raiders pick Manziel, there is a high likelihood that he will do an Aaron Rogers.  Outside of the Vikings, there are 7 other teams who are content at QB and more than likely wouldn’t draft him.  If it weren’t for the Michael Vick rumors, the fall would stop at Minnesota. The next team that would more than likely pull the trigger on Manziel if he falls  would be Chicago.  Cutler is still pretty decent, but at 14 there is no way Chicago would be able to ignore him.  Cutler might take his toys out of the toy box and go home, but hey…if he does, they’ll have a QB waiting in the wings.

This is already a silly post, but if by some reason other than senility that Ozzie wouldn’t pull the trigger, there would be literally fights over Manziel at that point.  I can see Rex Ryan making the call about 4 or 5 seconds after the Ravens would have said no.  Manziel would compete against Smith for the starting job.  Funny thing is, I think Manziel would actually lose that battle…don’t ask me why.  Miami would be the same scenario except I think Manziel would win that battle.  And last but not least, the Cardinals would definitely pick him given the age of Carson Palmer; Manziel could sit on the bench for a year and then come in to start or compete the year after.


As much flash and dash as Johnny Football has, he has equally enough potential to duplicate Aaron Rogers’s Draft Day free fall.  Which in the long run, worked out very well for Mr Rogers.  Maybe a free fall won’t be so bad for you, Johnny.  **smile**

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