The Next Easy Rawlins Movie And “W” Movie Review

Since you all are just getting to know me, after read something I feel compelled to share that my favorite author is Walter Mosley and his Eazy Rawlins mysteries.  His 1st Eazy Rawlins film adaptation was 1995’s “Devil in a Blue Dress” which received luke-warm reviews.  I was among them.  As phenomenal an actor as Denzel is, he still didn’t have the Easy Rawlins character in my opinion.  He molded Easy to Denzel instead of the other way around.  Don Cheadle played his sidekick Mouse.  Same thing; great actor, so-so portrayal.  I think Cheadle did a better job at getting his character, but Cheadle convinces no one as being blood-thristy.  He did get the pissy attitude though.

Here we are now in 2008.  Walter Mosley has announced that he is making the screenplay adaptation of his 2004 book “Little Scarlet”.  I am siced that he’s doing another Easy Rawlins film albeit not the one I wanted to him to do (I wanted him to do either “Gone Fishin’ ” or “Black Betty”.  But as usual, I digress and none of y’all care anyway.  “Little Scarlet” will feature Jeffery Wright as Easy Rawlins and Mos Def as Mouse.  I think Jeffery Wright is perfect to play Easy; Easy is not this super smooth polished guy, he’s a regular joe trying to make it.  In fact, Easy has a business associate named Mofas who a true loser, but very eloquent.   The casting of Mos Def as Mouse should be interesting; I am curious if he can bring out that blood-thirsty sarcastic nature of Mouse.  I can’t wait!!

“W”.  Soooooooooooo very disappointing.  For those who don’t know, this movie is about the rise and fall of one President George W. Bush.  From his days at Yale to the quagmire that is the Iraq War.  Oliver Stone directs the sympathy session of not necessarily who G Dub is, but more along the lines of why he is the way he is.  A friend asked if the movie was “hot hot” garbbage or luke warm political satire.  It was some garbage, but definitely luke warm political satire. Oliver Stone could have worn G Dub’s ass out, but instead it was more like “you see? This is why he is the way he is…”
And the characterizations were terrible. Especially for the cast that they had. Very disappointing.  Hopefully the Sarah Palin and Obama movies (you KNOW that’s gonna happen) will be better.

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