The Reincarnation of the Human and the Butterfly

I finally remember why I posted this.  New things.  Life elements can display reincarnation itself.  Such as illness and relationships.  Read on.

Reincarnation is a reminisce that is admonished in the 3 largest religions, but embraced in other religions and even some ancient ones.  The Aztecs believed in afterlife or reincarnation; where the dead would return as butterflies every year.  In their “simple” belief systems, their belief in reincarnation is probably the most profound of all.  There is no other creature in the animal kingdom that has as much spiritual and to a degree, sociological  similarities to human beings.  Of course, the monarch butterfly doesn’t show feeling or emotions (that we can see), but their actions, as simplistic as the may be, show an odd, eerily similar pattern of life.  If reincarnation exists, we more than likely come back as butterflies.  Why? Look at the parallels of existence with the butterfly and human.

The number

There are billions of monarch butterflies on Earth.  Every year, those same butterflies fly back and forth from North America to Central America and back.  And any given time one can see thousands of them. And just like humans, They exists in varying levels of solitude or in high populations

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