The Weird Uncle

Ever had that really really odd uncle or aunt that does stuff that everyone in the family accepts, but from the outside looking in its a “whoa” effect?  My co-worker has an uncle named Bob.  Bob is a single, never-been-married retired doctor who has and still does travel the world solo.

The story?  In med school, he met the woman of his dreams and wanted to marry her,  but his parents snubbed their noses at her because she wasn’t Catholic.  Sadly, they ended up breaking up.  Evidently, she was “The One” because Uncle Dr. Bob never married.  He became a forensic researcher and traveled the world going to seminars and giving speeches.  He still loves to travel.  That’s all well and good, but his One might have been the only one to be able to deal with Uncle Dr. Bob’s eccentricities.

In the 80’s when AIDS jumped off,  one of his nieces wanted his opinion about it.  Being that Uncle Dr. Bob* was asked by one of his more rambunctious nieces, she shouted across the Family Reunion table “Hey Uncle Dr. Bob, what do think about this whole AIDS thing?”  After wiping his mouth, Uncle Dr. Bob said “Don’t get it,” and continued cutting his roast beef.

Most bachelors are low-end gourmet chefs; They don’t have a choice.  Not Uncle Dr. Bob.  For years, he has actually paid his nieces to cook and clean his apartment.  Yes, apartment because he travels too much to buy a house.  When he is invited to one of his sister’s house for dinner, he has to sit in HIS chair.  That’s right, Uncle Dr. Bob has a particular chair that he has to sit in; no ifs ands or buts, especially no one else’s butt.   Damn….I couldn’t resist that one.  Anyway, back to the dinner invite, after dinner is over and pleasantries are exchanged, Uncle Dr. Bob gives his sister a recipe (printed out) for her to prepare for him the next time he is over.  Yes, Uncle Dr. Bob gives orders too.

He’s not all uncool and odd; just eccentric.  He gives money to his great-grand nieces and nephews money for graduating high school, but the grand neices and nephew just got cards when they graduated.  Again, strange.

His next adventure is to Vietnam.  He’s going on a month long cruise.  Hmmmm….I wonder what the odds are that he brings Mama-San back with him?  Things that make you go  “HMMMMM!!!”

So who is YOUR weird uncle or aunt?  Tell me….TELL ME!!!!

* Yes, that is not me…that’s his family nomenclature.  He likes to be called Uncle Dr. Bob by the neices and nephews

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