Today’s Entrepreneurial Activity: Advisement

When I woke up this morning, I had an idea. Maybe the idea was from Visualized¬†Annual, but it occurred to me that I need/should get as much experienced advice as possible from my peers. I need to get the “what” of what Leggette ETI will be doing. Should I start with a solid game plan of a specific segment or should I let it be organic and evolve into what it needs to be? These are the questions that need to be asked to my good friend, Narjis. Narjis has done it before and I want to know her formula so that I may or may not follow suit. I’ve asked her for a meeting. Let’s hope she obliges.

But let’s keep score for a second here. Late last year, Michael said I’m more than ready to lead and succeed. Not exactly like that, but it was said. Clara has told me I have the managerial knowhow to do it. And just yesterday a new colleague named Lynette told me “I don’t even know you, but from what I hear from you and your resume, have you considered doing your own thing?”

So…it might be the move. Not to find a new job, but to MAKE a new job.

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