Who Making All Dat DAMN Noise This Early in The Morning?!?

Early this morning I woke up dehydrated and smelling my morning breath. Neither was pleasant. I groggily grabbed my phone and scrolled through my favorite social medias; Instagram and Yelp. For those of you who don’t know, Instagram will play videos as you scroll down your feed. (Keep in mind that it is 630 am while I’m doing this.) I hear these weird noises above my bedroom as if a party was going on. But the difference is that it’ll go, then stop then go, then stop again. Super weird. My first thought was “dag on Jesus freaks next door. Don’t she know it’s too early for that shit?”

As the morning breath effect starts to taper off, I look at my screen again, I see this woman executing a SERIOUS belly dance. OF COURSE I want to see and hear. It’s not until then that I realize what I’m hearing upstairs. The damn phone was connected to Alexa via Bluetooth.

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